Sierra de Gredos Regional Park

The rural house Altillo del Aravalle is located in the northwest of the Sierra de Gredos, in the Tormes Valley. This means that in its closest surroundings the visitor can enjoy several glacial lagoons: Laguna del Duque (Solana), El Trampal (Solana), Laguna de Galin-Gómez (Umbrias), Laguna de la Nava (La Nava), Garganta de the Knights (Navalguijo), etc.


For walkers, we have the GR10 that will take you to Extremadura. You can also do routes shorter, the PR AV 51 through the Alto Aravalle.

But if you are not a mountain person, dozens of trails will allow you to enjoy all the natural riches of the Sierra de Gredos Regional Park.

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