Route to Laguna del Barco or Galín Gómez


PR. AV 36



The Galín Gómez Lagoon, also known as Laguna del Barco, rests at the foot of a cirque of glacial origin located on the northern slope of the western massif of the Sierra de Gredos.
 The route uphill from Puerto de Umbrías PR-AV 36 is an 11-kilometer path in very good condition. The cirque is made up of some of the most important peaks of the Sierra de Gredos such as Las Azagallas (2,367 m.), Covacha peak (2,395 m.) or Juraco peak (2,383 m.).
In the photo we can see the bed of the old Glacier and its splendid moraine twisting towards the northwest.


From El Altillo del Aravalle, our Rural Houses in Umbrias we take the AV-P542 going up the pass that takes us to Nava del Barco. At the top of the Umbrías port on the left is the parking platform and the Park sign that describes the route to follow.

Route. From the parking lot and heading southwest there is an ascending path, after a few minutes we pass the Charco de Trespeñas on our right, a regulating reservoir intended for the irrigation of vegetables.

Trespeñas Puddle

About two hundred meters away we find the division (Cañeros) of the Umbrias Canal (Primary) to split into three and in turn subdivide into four secondary channels (Cañeros).

Umbrías Canal Division Cane Growers

Immediately and to our left we began to surround the Cabeza Redonda hill. To our right we see fantastic views of towns that dot the Aravalle valley, in the background rises the Sierra de Béjar y Candelario. Further on we enter grassland areas (Sierra de Gilgarcia), (Sierra de Umbrías) and (Sierra de La Carrera). which we access through some chains “Apart from its normal meaning, in the area they call (Sierra) the medium and high mountain pastures that are used in summer for livestock to eat.”

Along the route we will come across several doors that must be closed so that the cattle do not escape.
 In approximately one hour the trail takes us past the Refuge created by the Sierra de Gredos Regional Park. On the left we do not find a metal gate that is used to change the course of the canal towards Gilgarcía or Umbrías.

Umbrian Canal

We continue ascending until we reach the Llanos de Cardiel, where to our right and before entering the aforementioned plains we will find a landmark of the Geographic Institute indicating an altitude of 1600 meters.

During a short route we begin to ascend with a greater inclination until we reach the rope of the Risco de Águila, already giving views of the cirque and the peaks that form the Galingomez Lagoon, also called El Barco. The path descends slowly until reaching a shelter called Chozo de Anselmo at the bottom.  

Anselmo's Hut

From here we can see a large part of the route of the Umbrías and Gilgarcia channels that run in the Morrena on the left bank of the old Glacier.

Canals made in the 8th century achieving a transfer that has since irrigated the basin of the right bank of the Aravalle River.
 At the bottom of the valley we find the Galingomez Gorge that descends from the lagoon.
Continuing with the ascent we will see a beautiful waterfall on the left.

We continue going up the path until the circus begins to appear. We continue along the meanders that the gorge forms in the meadow until we reach Laguna del Barco.

There is a shelter there and to the south of it a magnificent fountain in which we will not hold our hand for more than 30 seconds.

Laguna del Barco from 3000 meters
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