Welcome to the Altillo and Aravalle rural houses

The “Altillo del Aravalle” project arises from the desire to continue living in our Umbrian town, combining livestock farming with rural tourism.


It is, therefore, a project that is committed to the future of life in towns and the conservation of the landscapes and natural environment of the Sierra de la Sierra Regional Park. Gredos.


This allows us to offer accommodations welcoming tourist attractions and the possibility of experiencing the rural environment through our livestock, coexisting with us in our daily activity.


We also want this to be possible for anyone who visits us; one of our Rural houses this adapted for people with disabilities, specifically for people with reduced mobility.


Umbrías is made up of seven small towns that are: La Canaleja, La Retuerta, La Venta de las Veguillas, Umbrías, Casas de Maripedro, Hustias and Las Houses of Abad. From them you can start hiking trails.

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